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Frequently Questions


MENSURA® is the only tool that allows and apply the Measurement, Estimation and Evaluation THE Software Projects best practices, with a formal and methodological approach, that includes: complete and objective results obtained.
Mesure automatization using the COSMIC standard Method. Generate estimation and validation models. Estimation software projects. Validation software projects. National and International Benchmarking. Project performance evaluation. Visualize and generate reports.
Yes, MENSURA® includes a automatize measurement module on COSMIC standar.
Yes, it is possible, you can build your own historical database, without limit Project. You can graduale integrate it, and adjust models according to your software projects progress.
Non-functional requirements can’t be measured with COSMIC, since it is a functional measurement method; however, at Spingere we create an estimation model for non-functional requirements through consulting. MENSURA® has a special module (EPCU) where non-functional contexts can be placed or enabled to estimate any type of project, such as database migration projects, look & feel projects.
The languages catalog of database is constantly updated, so that it can be included in the tool.
The functional process approach is a more granular and detailed approach according to the COSMIC Method; in other words, in a use case approach, the level of detail of the functionality is less (less grainy) than in the functional process approach (more grainy).
Yes, at the National and International level, with topics such as efficiency vs. Mexican Industry and International Industry.
Yes, it is, EPCU is an approach method endorsered by COSMIC, as indicate en guides: COSMIC Mesurement Practice Commitee (2015) Guideline for Early or Rapid COSMIC Functional Size Measurement by using approximation approaches”. Version 4.0.1, July 2015. COSMIC Subject Matter Experts, “Early Software Sizing with COSMIC: Experts Guide”. Second Edition, February 2020.
By annual subscription per instance. The number of users, the estimations models, and ptojects are unlimited.
Yes, during the term of the subscription any update and / or improvement is automatically reflected in the client's instance
Being a cloud application, the infrastructure for both processing and storage doesn’t depend on the Mensura user; the only thing that the user requires is to have a browser like Chrome, Edge duly updated to its latest version.
The information on database client, belongs to the client, therefore, if you decide not to renew the annual subscription, the information database projects is delivered to the client and the instance created disappears.
Yes, MENSURA® has a complete user manual on each, and every functionalities, which can be accessed from the users own instance and at any time.
Yes, MENSURA® has technical support via telephone to attend and solve any technical problem detected by the client in the use tool.
No, technical support by phone is included within the annual subscription; and is limited solely and exclusively to solving technical problems.
Yes, of course, the training can be contracted in addition, asssing a MENSURA opertator, who througth the insite use tool, an in the presence of the operator´s counterpart designed by client, trasnfers knowledge about it uses. The minimun contracting time is one month, however, contracting for at least three month is recommended

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